Project Description

A wide space. Clay in the center of it.

The performers look closely at it.

What to do with it?

Any touch will turn the clay into something else that will not regain it’s initial shape.


The clay begins to spin.

Suddenly, the stage is a large potter’s wheel.

The body of the performers, works as if they’re his hands.

The clay spins faster and faster. From now on, any attempt of manipulation,  will inevitably become a dance between the body and the raw material.


The clay will not have a finished sculptural form.

The circular rotation of the wheel will have no end.

Neither the movement of the performers.


BRUNO MARTINS stage direction & co-creation . ANDRÉ ARAÚJO, ARIANA SILVA, CLÁUDIA BERKELEY  cast & co-creation . COLECTIVO MONTE scenography . VALTER ALVES light design . RUI SOUZA musical direction and composition . MARTA LIMA production direction . RAQUEL PASSOS production assistant . FILIPE CARDU sound technician . PAULO PIMENTA photography . TEATRO DA DIDASCÁLIA, CENTRO DE ARTE DE OVAR co-production

Teatro da Didascália is funded by the Portuguese Government/Ministry of Culture – Directorate-General for the Arts.