Project Description

Paisagem Efémera – natural e rural (Ephemeral Landscape – natural and rural) is a transdisciplinary creation developed to develop a logic of artistic intervention in the landscape.

A creative laboratory between the artistic team of Teatro da Didascália and Joane’s territory. Through its artistic interventions in the public space, this creation of Teatro da Didascália will aim to stimulate new perspectives on the natural and rural landscape, enhancing a reflection on the feeling of fragility and ephemerality of the planet, the mutation of its climate and, therefore, the transformation of the landscape itself.

With an itinerant format, the route invites the audience to travel through the natural and rural scenery of the territory. Throughout this journey, the audience will be confronted with different artistic interventions, which, interconnected, build a dramaturgy that is inscribed in the landscape along the route.

Each year, three seasons, each season, a different route:

– In the spring, the natural and outdoor landscape will be the privileged route with artistic interventions in the middle of nature.

– In the fall, we turn to the inner landscape of the territory, in a route that will pass by private houses, shops, wineries, farms and chapels, through which we will be taken to look or imagine the outside through the house windows.

– During the winter, we celebrate the winter solstice, on a route marked by light and sound installations and performative interventions in the night atmosphere.

Eco-design/Eco-conception: production processes cannot be ignored by a revolutionary action. This will happen through methodologies capable of inspiring artistic, technical and production teams as well as communities.

The project will be developed in order to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases as much as possible, either by direct action, within the scope of the work process, or by indirect action, through local service providers and used consumables. Energetically self-sufficient technical equipment for light, sound and video will be created, promoting total independence from fossil fuel consumption.

In response to the impossibility of being presented in public space due to the covid-19 outbreak, Teatro da Didascália developed the series of talks “Conversas ao Pé da Porta” and the podcast “Áudio Derivas”, two formats that aim at the virtual sharing of processes and knowledge.


Artistic Direction: Bruno Martins
General Coordination: Cláudia Berkeley
Performance & Co-Creation: António Júlio, Bruno Martins, José Nuno Lima, Margarida Gonçalves, Rui Souza, Valter Alves
zOOM: Ver Melhor Coordination: Vera Santos
Technical Direction: Valter Alves
Production: Raquel Passos
Communication: Sara Rosa Oliveira
Graphic Design: Rui Verde


Teatro da Didascália is a structure supported by dgArtes – General Direction of Arts | Ministry of Culture.