2014 Edition


Vaudeville Rendez-Vous is an international festival of performing arts with unique characteristics, solely dedicated to the universe of physical theatre, circus and cabaret.

The festival, organised by Teatro da Didascália together with the municipality of V. N. de Famalicão, is going to invade the city with different types of shows, including theatre, circus and cabaret shows, concerts, cinema sessions with breakfast, exhibitions, talks and workshops.

The festival aims to establish itself in the national scene for its specific programme, helping to project these expressions in the performing arts field in Portugal.

As such, we were careful to schedule a few of the most important national creators in these fields, as it is the case of Companhia do Chapitô, Peripécia Teatro, ESTE, Radar 360, Circolando, among others…

The goal is to stimulate the local artistic creation and the inclusion of the various artistic teaching establishments in the municipality. From theatre to music, through cinema and plastic arts, synergies have been created to embrace this critical mass, challenging the community to develop projects specifically made for the festival.

These actions aim to hold the local population and young artists accountable for organising and improving the event, making it a cultural manifestation thought to be eminently popular and participative.

On the other hand, integrating the festival in an urban context will allow promoting the city’s architectural heritage, allowing benefiting from art in free access public spaces, seeking to maintain a direct correlation between the show and the space where it takes place.

You are all invited to embark on this adventure and transform the city of Famalicão in a huge open-air stage, but the entrance is not free, you will have to applaud as a payment!

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