2015 Edition


The Vaudeville Rendez-Vous International Festival invades the urban centre of Vila Nova de Famalicão again with theatre and circus shows, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and cinema sessions with breakfast, in an intense weekend with a programme for all audiences.

The festival starts with the première in Portugal of the Spanish circus company Atempo Circ, continuing all through the weekend with shows from the Nuvem Voadora, Peripécia Teatro, Rei Sem Roupa companies and with the première of the vertical dance show from UMPOR1 company.

The programme includes, as in the previous year and aiming to keep an increasingly deeper relationship with the city’s artistic institutions, exhibitions, concerts and cinema sessions, developed in collaboration with institutions like Casa Ao Lado – School of Plastic Arts, Arteduca – V. N. de Famalicão Conservatory of Music, and Joane Cineclube.

The festival’s programme, completing its second edition this year, focuses on the physical theatre and circus languages. With a programme taking place mainly in the urban area of V. N. de Famalicão, it looks for a dialogue between arts and the public space, helping to think and change the way we sense the everyday urban life.

It is often essential to put ourselves “upside down” to better understand life and the world. The “world is upside down”! Who better than a trapeze artist or a clown to help us understand that world?


Artistic Direction: Bruno Martins

Programme and production: Bruno Martins and Cláudia Berkeley

Support for production: António Alves Vieira

Technical team: Valter Alves (direction); Nuno Tomás; Filipe Cardu

Graphic design: Beatsly Beast

Photography and video: Mário Macedo and Indian Productions


Nelson Pereira; Ricardo Carneiro; Edgar Ferreira; João Teixeira; Luísa Moreira; Maria de Lurdes Martins; Fundação Cupertino de Miranda; António Gonçalves; Peripécia Teatro

Summary Video

Programme 2015