2016 Edition


Vaudeville Rendez-Vous International Festival

The 3rd edition of the Vaudeville Rendez-Vous International Festival presents this year with redoubled force, we can even say triplicated. The number 3 wins a special importance in this 3rd edition of the festival. The number 3, famous for its symbolic character of unity and balance, also symbolizes here the joint effort and strategy of the three cities that host and coproduce along with the Teatro da Didascália, this 3rd edition: Braga, Guimarães, Vila Nova de Famalicão.

This joint campaign is a reflection of a strong cultural commitment, in a concerned territory that wants to add to their vast historical and cultural heritage a programming thought for the public space, able to differentiate itself for its specificity and artistic quality, following what is the emergence of a new and increasingly vibrant and promising national production in the field of street arts and contemporary circus.

In this 3rd edition, the Vaudeville Rendez-Vous International Festival presents itself as the largest and most important street arts and contemporary circus festival in the northern region of the country, hosting some of the most representative projects of national and international scene over 9 consecutive days, a total of 18 performances of 12 shows, including 2 co-productions in absolut première and 6 national premieres.

Note that the festival will also schedule some of the national artists, emerging and consolidated, more relevant in these areas, continuing the work that has been developing in an appreciation of national creation in the areas of contemporary circus, physical theater and transdisciplinary ways.


To live and dialogue with the city

Beyond a programm with nightly shows, we will make an appeal to the public so that it will came to live and think the city in the late afternoon, where we will present a series of spectacles which are directed to all audiences. The shows scheduled in these areas intend to project in the audience, new perspectives on the urban landscape of the cities and the relationship between its cultural and architectural heritage with contemporary performing arts. Parallel to the presentation of performances, the festival program also invites the public to visit and experience the museums and other cultural equipment of the 3 cities, knowing the vast heritage of this territory.


Training and Parellel Actions

In order to improve the critical sense of the public and to establish a common vocabulary between the artists and the surrounding community, the festival promotes a series of workshops by creators programmed in the festival. We believe that the promotion of these workshops is crucial to a better understanding of the complexity of performing arts related to the public space, contributing simultaneously for a process of growth and improvement of artistic excellence, able to meet the expectations of an audience which is each time more demanding.

Taking advantage of the unique opportunity that the festival offers of sharing and cross between the different creators and programmers present at the festival, we will organise a set of parallel actions such as debates, showcases and round tables, which aim to contribute to the reflection and enrichment of the discourse linked to the languages of circus and street arts. These meetings prove to be of enormous importance for artists, constituting a privileged space in sharing of frustrations, desires and ideas, helping to redefine common strategies for the future.

The circus came to town(s)!




Artistic Direction
Bruno Martins

Programme and General Direction 
Bruno Martins, Cláudia Berkeley

Production Direction 
Ludmila Teixeira

Technical Direction 
Valter Alves

Communication Design 
Video and Photography 
Visual Kitchen

Central de Informação

Teatro da Didascália

Braga City Council;
Guimarães City Council;
Vila Nova de Famalicão City Council;

A Oficina / CCVF; Álvaro Santos; Boris Vecchio;
Bruno Carvalho; Cia Radar 360; Claudia Leite; Daniel Lima;
Edgar Ferreira; Fernando Oliveira Viana; Francisco Jorge;
Frederico Queiroz; Giacomo Scalisi; Isabel Pinho; Isaura Costa;
Jorge Rui Martins; José Agostinho; José Bastos; Junior Perim;
Luísa Moreira; Lídia Dias; Nelson Pereira; Paula Garcia; Paulo Brandão;
Ricardo Carneiro; Rui Torrinha; Sílvia Faria e Vinicius Daumas

Summary Video

Programme 2016