2018 Edition


Vaudeville Rendez-Vous International Festival

Five editions is still halfway to a round number. The round numbers have a certain tendency to make us walk in circles: like wanting to move forward with our eyes still looking to the beginning of the path. The round numbers always remind me of a circus arena. But we are still in the middle of this enigmatic place and that’s why these five editions of Vaudeville Rendez-Vous International Festival make us analyze the present with a broader look at the territory and the consequences of a project that has, still, a long way to go.

The region has been witnessing in the last years a strong dynamics related to the Contemporary Circus that, in an unusual national level, gathers a systematic thinking on this language, demonstrated in the regular circus’ programming by its main theaters (Casa das Artes de Vila Nova de Famalicão, Centro Cultural Vila Flor and Theatro Circo) and a privileged context in terms of training, with the creation, in 2017, of a circus specialization course by INAC – National Institute of Circus Arts. In 2018, this same Institute, in partnership with ACE – Contemporary Academy of Performing Arts, developed in Famalicão the first professional circus course in the Northern Region, and the second of its kind in the country. Thus, an important circle of a value chain closes up and places the region at the centre of the Contemporary Circus’ development in Portugal.

Four years after its first edition, the context is more and more stimulating and the Festival’s action increasingly relevant. Teatro da Didascália, together with the co-producing municipalities of the festival – Braga, Guimarães and Vila Nova de Famalicão – are in the middle of this circle. We return to the round numbers. We return to the circus.

Over four days of intense programming, the festival will make 21 presentations of the 10 programmed shows; among them, 3 co-productions in absolute premiere and 4 national premieres.

In this edition, we continue to co-produce the final project of the students of the 1st year of the circus specialization course of INAC, the show “Esboço para Paraísos (Sketch for Paradises)”, maintaining the strong partnership the Festival has been building with this training organization. Also noteworthy are the co-productions with Oliveira & Bachtler with its show “Kadok”, and the co-production with Radar 360º, which premieres in the Festival the third act of “Arquétipo (Archetype)”.

Training and awareness-raising activities

In order to turn the cities upside down, for three days the Festival community will be able to take in an initiatory journey through the three essential pillars of the circus – juggling, balance and aerial acrobatics – through the various workshops that will take place in the three cities, opening these languages ​​for curious people of all ages.

Focusing on the new artists that are beginning to emerge in the national context and looking at those that are starting their career due to a favorable conjuncture in the regional context with the creation of the mentioned circus’ training courses, we propose a debate on the theme  “What to do with this new wave?”, as a starting point for a reflection that is urgent between emerging creators and labour market.


Continuing with the work of internationalization of the Festival started in its previous editions, we will have four international programming institutions linked to the Contemporary Circus programming. This will allow a privileged networking opportunity between international programmers and national artists showed at the Festival. So, the 3rd edition of the “Showcase” will enable artists to promote their projects more closely and informally amongst the invited programmers: Thomas Renaud – Maison des Jonglages (France), Steven De Jonge – Miramiro Festival (Belgium), Alfred Konijnenbelt – Spoffin Festival (Holland) and Isabel Joly – FEDEC – European Federation of Professional Circus Schools (France).

There is so much to see, discuss and experience. Shows that occupy the streets and confront the heritage of the three cities: museums, galleries and monuments that, through the parallel programme – “Visit as Well” – open its doors to the Festival audiences.

In July, there is a Festival that revolutionizes the daily life of cities.

Artistic Direction
Bruno Martins

Programming & Direction
Bruno Martins e Cláudia Berkeley

Production Direction
Jonathan da Costa

Technical Direction
Valter Alves

Parallel Activities Coordination
Patrícia Amaral

Production Assistants
Joana Mont’Alverne, Mariana Dixe

Technical Assistant
Cárin Geada

Technical Team
Eduardo Pousa, Hélio Pereira, Igor Pittella, João Abreu, João Teixeira, Miguel Dias

Graphic Design
Rui Verde

Photography & Video
Os Fredericos

Central de Informação

Teatro da Didascália

Município de Braga, Município de Guimarães, Município de Vila Nova de Famalicão

Promotional Video

Programme 2018