2019 Edition


Vaudeville Rendez-Vous International Festival

For the sixth edition, the Vaudeville Rendez-Vous International Festival transforms a triangle into a quadrilateral. It is not illusionism nor a trick of juggling. It is the result of a deep work that the Teatro da Didascália has developed over the last years with the cities of Braga, Famalicão and Guimarães, which now joins the city of Barcelos, putting this great urban network of the region of Minho to think of together in the contemporary circus. It is a Festival that is set in a region made up of cities with such distinct cultural routes, that embraces this diversity and puts it to speak with a single voice when we speak of circus. It is a festival that takes place in a regional context so rich artistically, through its agents, equipment, heritage and cultural events, which can be affirmed as the second cultural center of the country just after the capital. It is a Festival that, due to the privileged context in which it is inscribed, can not be alien to the construction of an artistic program that lives up to the high standards of excellence established in an increasingly cosmopolitan region. The program we are presenting this year translates all this and more into an agenda full of proposals that reflect the freshness of the best of what ́s being produced nationally and internationally at the contemporary circus level.

Over four days of intense programming simultaneously in the four cities, there will be plenty to see, hear and experience in more than 40 public activities – 28 performances of the 13 programmed shows, including 3 world premieres and 6 national premieres, and a series of parallel activities consisting of 3 training workshops for the general public, 1 creation laboratory for contemporary circus dedicated exclusively for students and professionals of the performing arts, 1 showcase for national and international programmers and 1 debate on artistic cooperation networks.

This year’s edition stands out for its diversity. A program rich in latitudes and a renewed approach brought to the contemporary circus promoted by these different geographies. We first received the Australian acrobats from the Company Gravity & Other Myths, which opens the Festival with the show A Simple Space, and the Sigma show of the English Company Gandini Juggling, which brings us a piece of juggling performed by jugglers of English and Indian origin, in a cultural mix that crosses the traditional Indian dances with juggling and confirms the idea that Brexit is nothing more than a great misunderstanding.

After last year’s edition, we attributed our first Creative Scholarship to Elvis Mendes, INAC’s final student, this year the Festival will be hosting its first ever show, a result of its creation grant – Fábrica da Mentira.

Attending to the increasing presence of professionals who travel to the region during the Festival, we invite the circus director Roberto Magro to lead a Creative Circus Laboratory, which for three days will share its experience in a training action directed at artists and students of performative arts.

This year even the “Galo de Barcelos” (Cock of Barcelos) will appear. Join us too in this circus party.

Bruno Martins ​| Artistic Director Vaudeville Rendez-Vous Internacional Festival

Artistic Direction ​
Bruno Martins

Programming & Direction ​
Bruno Martins e Cláudia Berkeley

Production Directior ​
Marta Lima

Technical Directior
Valter Alves

Parallel Activities Coordinatior
​Vera Santos

Production Assistant
Raquel Passos

Graphic Design
Rui Verde

Photography & Video ​
Os Fredericos

​Central de Informação

​Teatro da Didascália

​Município de Barcelos
Município de Braga
Município de Guimarães
Município de Vila Nova de Famalicão

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