Project Description


Elvis Mendes * | Portugal

*winner of the 1st creation scholarship Vaudeville Rendez-Vous

Co-prodution | World Premiere

25 JUL . ​22:00 ​Largo da Porta Nova – Chafariz | Barcelos
26 JUL . ​22:00 ​Praça Dona Maria II – Topo Norte | Vila Nova de Famalicão

aprox. 60 min. | M/3


It was an idea. A seed planted in the dark corner of my mind.
The first spark of a fire that threatens to burn everything I take as certain.
Funny how an idea can simply take over me.
Out of fear, I lie to myself, I ilude myself to escape anything that might take me close to being sure.
But the truth is inevitable, because a lie is nothing more than a debt created with time.
And sooner or later, I will have to face the question.
In the meantime, I choose to live the ilusion.


Concept ​Elvis Mendes
Creation & performance ​Elvis Mendes
Artistic Support ​André Araújo
Outside views ​Ariana Silva; André Freitas
Music ​Blue Dot Sessions / Estas Tone
Scenery ​Elvis Mendes
Scenery building – ​Helder Costa / Joana Magalhães Ferreira (WEE)
Co-production ​Festival Internacional Vaudeville Rendez-vous – Teatro da Didascália
Artistic Residence ​INAC
Technical assistance ​André Freitas
Photo ​Marta Marques
Video  ​HeadFrame Visuals
Acknowledgment ​WEE (world Entertainment Events)