Project Description


INAC | Portugal

25 JUL . ​22:00​ ​Largo da Condessa do Juncal – Guimarães
27 JUL . ​22:00​ ​Praça  Municipal | Braga

aprox. ​50 ​min. | M/3



“Sometimes The Rain warns you with noise before the arrival
and the earth trembles
and the animals are silent

sometimes the Rain warns you with noise

Sometime it goes
And then it comes back
and maybe it stops for so many days
that you no longer see the sun and the stars

and you don’t seem to know anymore
the place where you are”

“Before the Rain” is the collective creation of the 1 year of INAC directed by Roberto Magro.

A moment of circus dedicated to the poetry and the metaphorical images that the contemporary circus can create.