Project Description


This workshop develops flexibility, strength, motor coordination and spatial orientation through the technique with the aerial apparatus.

Trainer: Juliana Moura

Holds a bachelor degree in Dance from the Rio de Janeiro Federal University, Brazil, and technical training in circus from the ENC-Escola Nacional de Circo (Circus National School), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

She is attending the Master’s in Artistic Performance (Dance) at the Faculdade de Motricidade Humana (Faculty of Human Movements).

She works as a choreographer in an acrobatic gymnastics team in Acro Clube da Maia.

She has worked with the following companies:

Cia Étnica, Cia Lúmini, Cia de Dança Contemporânea Helenita Sá Earp, Cia Archaos and Cia Erva Daninha.

Member of Cia Umpor1.