Project Description


They are contemporary nomads!
Passengers of their own travels.

They build abstract narratives from poetic and ephemeral paths and space. Along the way they are finding and accumulating… Their heritage is both tangible and intangible.

They question the excess, shortage, waste, high consumption, the manufactured society, the raw nature… The individual memory and colective conscience, from and at, contemporary society. They spend one night, but follow a continuous journey…ambulation, resulting from a compulsive need to move in this mobility of utopia


Show winner of the first Creation Funding Isabel Alves Costa.




Artistic Direction: António Oliveira
Act and co-creation: António Oliveira, Bruno Machado, Joana Domingos, Julieta Rodrigues e Viriato Morais
Scenography and Construction: Hugo Ribeiro
Costumes: Julieta Rodrigues
Sound: António Oliveira, Maria Mónica, Tiago Ralha e Vasco Ferreira
Video and Illustration: Maria Mónica
Video and Illustration Consultancy: Patrício Brito
Light Design:Vasco Ferreira
Photography: Teresa Couto
Direction Assistance and Dramaturgical Support: Gonçalo Fonseca
Coproduction:Comédias do Minho / Fimp / Teatro Municipal do Porto
Support to Creation: Fábrica da rua da Alegria, Ipp, Teatro Municipal Campo Alegre