TRANS*PERFORMATIVIDADE – Aura | Artista em Residência


June 20, 2023


July 1, 2023 17:00


July 3, 2023


“Trans*Performatividade” is a project that consists in the transposition of trans* experiences into contemporary practices that merge the sharing of testimonial stories through audiovisual means and the creation of a collective performance.

The movement subjectively represents processes of transformation and metamorphosis, the scenography proposes an innovative and safe space, the costumes weave individual and collective identity and the light design gives visibility to underrepresented issues, allowing the audience to perceive, understand and participate freely .


On July 1st, at 5 pm at fAUNA, we will have a public presentation of the process.

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Artistic Direction: Aura

Performanced by: 5 people selected through open call

Aura, Eríc Santos, Iara António, Mia Brandão and Tiago Aires Lêdo (North of Portugal)

Aurora, Eduardo Batata, Paulo Pascoal, Ves Liberta and Luan Okun (Centro de Portugal)

Scenography: Hugo Veiga

Light Design: Lui L’Abbate

Sound: Diana XL, Serena Lua

Costume Design: Alexandre Simões

Video and Photography: Sofia Calvet, Imogen-Blue Hinojosa

Creation support: Ana Rocha, André E. Teodósio, Dinis Machado, Mickaël de Oliveira, Pê Feijó, Pedro Barreiro, Xavier de Sousa