Rui Souza

Diretor Musical

In 2007 he completed the classical piano course at CCM/ARTAVE and later moved to the Porto Jazz School where he studied piano in the jazz field. He started his degree in Philosophy at the Catholic University of Portugal and later finished with a specialization at the University of Edinburgh with excellence.

Since 2014 he has been doing research on Iberian pipe organ. The pieces “Vox Humana – Monólogos para atriz e órgão de tubos” and “Audax Viator” – creations in collaboration with the writer Afonso Cruz and with the philosopher and journalist Rui Pereira, stand out. 

He recently composed for the project’s voices: “Os velhos também querem viver” in collaboration with the writer Gonçalo M. Tavares for the Silêncio Festival. He worked as a composer with several theater and dance companies, having also composed some soundtracks for cinema.

He currently presents himself with his project Dada Garbeck, considered by national and international critics (Jornal Público, Antena 3 and Mindies – Madrid) as one of the most interesting and revealing Portuguese projects. He has toured countries such as Malta, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Lithuania and the USA. 

He studied composition for voice in motion according to the methodologies of Murray Schaffer and works as a composer, creator and tester in the Outra Voz organization, having developed extensive work in the community area in the most diverse Portuguese cities. At the moment he is as musical director at Teatro da Didascália.