Vera Santos

Coordenadora do Programa de Mediação

Vera Santos (Porto, 1973), has maintained her activity as an interpreter and pedagogue since the early 1990s, dedicating herself in recent years to research and artistic and cultural mediation.

With academic training in the field of Plastic Arts, she took the Professional Dance Course (Interpretation) at Balleteatro, has a Bachelor in Theater (Interpretation) from ESMAE, graduated in Art History and completed the Masters in Art Studies/Theory and Arts Criticism, in 2012, at the University of Porto.

Since 2012 Vera has been active in the field of cultural mediation, and between 2014 and 2018 was responsible for preparing the implementation and coordination of MAIS DOIS – Learning Program in the area of ​​Performing Arts (Theater and Dance), a pilot project within the scope of AEC, in articulation with the cultural facilities resulting from Guimarães European Capital of Culture 2012. Promoted by the Guimarães City Council and the Educational Service of A Oficina, it covered the primary school cicla in the public schools of Guimarães municipality.

In 2020 she took over the coordination the mediation  program at Teatro da Didascália.