Teatro da Didascália

Teatro da Didascália is a cultural cooperative founded in 2008 and headquartered in Joane, Vila Nova de Famalicão. Its activity unfolds between the creation of transdisciplinary artistic projects and the programming and hosting of other artistic projects: in its space of creation and programming, fAUNA, in the meeting Territórios Dramáticos, and in the Vaudeville Rendez-Vous International Festival, which takes place in the cities of Barcelos, Braga, Guimarães and Vila Nova de Famalicão.

Its transdisciplinary intervention is designed to be develop between the public and the conventional space, in a logic of deep relationship with the particular socio-cultural dynamics of the territories where it intervenes, with a special focus on the Vale do Ave region, aiming to contribute to the development of audiences in the region and, simultaneously, to strengthen the cohesion of that territory.

The artistic project cooperates institutionally with autarchies, artistic, social and educational institutions, located in the territories where it operates, in a strategy of socio-educational help and approximation to the arts, namely through its own Mediation Program.

Teatro da Didascália is an entity financed by the Directorate-General for the Arts – Ministry of Culture and its main partner agency is the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão.

Bruno Martins


Bruno Martins is an actor by training, a transdisciplinary creator by conviction and undisciplined by nature. Theater is the language from which he begins to discover new forms that often intersect with dance, music and the circus. He has a phobia of theater foyers on opening days and a huge lack of vocation for small talk. He began his studies in Acting at the Contemporary Academy of Spectacle, in Porto, and specialized in theater-movement at the École International de Thêátre Jacques Lecoq, in Paris.

In 2008 he founded and has since been the Artist-Director of Teatro da Didascália. It is within this structure that he develops his work as an artist, creating works with regular circulation throughout the country and with occasional presentations at the international level in countries such as: Spain, France, Lithuania, Brazil and Turkey. Of his most recent creations, the highlights are Border (Fronteira, 2019), Clay (Argila: no princípio era o Verbo, 2019), Prelude, the savage woman (Prelúdio: a mulher selvagem, 2016), World in a Wardrobe (Guarda Mundos, 2015).

Parallel to his work as a creator, he directs and programs Vaudeville Rendez-Vous International Festival, with a programming focused on the contemporary circus universe and transdisciplinary forms for public space, in the municipalities of Barcelos, Braga, Famalicão and Guimarães. He was responsible for the programming of Territórios Dramáticos, the theater meeting between 2017 and 2019, and for the creation between 2013 and 2016, of Contos d’Avó – itinerant oral narration festival, developed in the rural parishes of Vila Nova de Famalicão.

Also within this structure, he was responsible for the idealization and conception of the fAUNA space, an alternative cultural space inserted in an old cow farm in Quinta da Bemposta, in Joane, intended for the programming and hosting of artistic residencies.

Cláudia Berkeley

Atriz / Diretora

Since 2014, Claudia works at Teatro da Didascália as an actress/creator in several productions. She also programmes the Vaudeville Rendez-Vous International Festival (the most well known circus festival in the country) and she also assumes the general coordination of the entire project. Also has experience as assistant director, producer and light operator. She is responsible for the participation of the company in the following international networks/platforms: CircoStrada (curator of a couple of round tables in the Fresh Circus 2018 and member of the work group), CircusNext and CircusLink.

In 2015 she did an aerial dance course of 52h given by the Company UMpor1.

Between 2012 and 2014, Cláudia joined the Theatre company Jangada Teatro, and it was there that she started to travel the world to perform. She performed in Keistuoliu teatras (Lithuania), Vilkaviškis Kuturus Centras (Lithuania), Vilniaus Kamerinis Teatras (Lithuania), Teatro Glauce Rocha (Rio de Janeiro – Brazil), Teatro Commune (São Paulo – Brazil) and in VDU Teatras (Kaunas – Lithuania). During that period she worked as an actress in a lot of plays, the following one’s stand out: Médico à força (Relutant Doctor) by Molière, staged by John Mowat; “O Espelho” (The Mirror) by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen, staged by Manuel Costa Dias; A Boca do Inferno (The Gates of Hell) by António Torrado, staged by José Carretas; Romance da Raposa (The Romance of Fox), by Aquilino Ribeiro staged by Luiz Oliveira; Fui ao Mar (I Went to the Sea), text and staging by LuizOliveira; O Grande Cortejo (Grand Parade), text by Luís Ângelo Fernandes and staged by Fernando Moreira; Quem Come a Minha Casinha (Who eats my little house), drama and staging by José Caldas; Patinho Feio (Ugly Duck), drama and staging by Luiz Oliveira.

In 2011, she took the role of Musa da Devoção (Devotion Muse) in the musical 1906 O Nosso Grande Amor (1906 Our Great Love). Staged by Matilde Trocado Castro and with musical direction by Hugo Reis. 

Back in 2010, she participated in several performances about the experimental musician Cornelius Cardew that took place in Culturgeste in Porto.

Her dance training includes popping, locking, breakdance, newschool, dancehall and contemporary dance.

She taught Popping in Pinguim (Porto) and in Centro de Estudos Shine (Vila Nova de Gaia) from 2010 to 2012.

In 2010 she was Production Assistant in FIMP (PORTO INTERNATIONAL PUPPET FESTIVAL).

Between 2008 and 2011, she did her graduation in Theatre in the Balleteatro Contemporâneo do Porto.

Raquel Passos


Raquel Passos was born in Guimarães. From an early age she shows interest in culture, the social and the arts, choosing the secondary course of Sociocultural Animator. She has a degree in Animation and Artistic Production and postgraduate in Communication Art and Culture. Participated as a volunteer in the Afonsina Fair and other cultural initiatives. In March 2019 she interned at Teatro da Didascália where she still works as a producer.

Valter Alves

Diretor Técnico

Technical Realisation Course from the Academia Contemporânea do Espetáculo of Porto.

He worked as a lightning designer for the following shows: Roda da Fortuna (Wheel of Fortune) Teatro da Didascália, IN, Al-MaSRAH Teatro, Eu Hei-de Crescer e, depois, tu vais ver (I Will Grow Up, and then You’ll See) Al-MaSRAH Teatro, Minimal Show, Al-MaSRAH Teatro, As Leis Fundamentais da Estupidez Humana (The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity) Al-MaSRAH Teatro, Conta-me outros Fados (Pull the Other Leg) Al-MaSRAH Teatro, One Man Alone, Teatro da Didascália.

As Light and Sound Operator, he worked in various theatres and auditoriums from North to South of the country, such as:  Casa da Música, Rivoli, Teatro Campo Alegre, Teatro D. Maria II, Teatro Maria Matos, Culturgest, Europarque, Teatro Carlos Alberto, Teatro Municipal de Bragança, Teatro de Vila Real, Teatro do Bolhão, Teatro Gil Vicente, Teatro Torres Vedras, Teatro do Cartaxo, Teatro Sá da Bandeira (Santarém), Balleteatro Auditório, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Theatro Club, Teatro Taborda, Auditório Municipal of Lousada, Teatro Garcia de Resende, Cine-Teatro of Serpa, Centro Cultural of Lagos, Municipal Auditorium of Olhão, Fórum Seixal, Cine Teatro of Penela, Cine-Teatro Avenida (Castelo Branco), Teatro Lethes (Faro), T.E.M.P.O.  (Portimão), Auditório Carlos Paredes (Benfica), Auditório Municipal of Viana do Alentejo, Casa de Teatro (Sintra), Centro Cultural Transfronteiriço of Alandroal, Teatro Acert.