Mellow Yellow

July 21, 2022 22:00

Praceta Francisco Sá Carneiro | Barcelos

July 22, 2022 22:00

Parque da Juventude | Famalicão

TBTF (To Busy To Funk) | French

Mellow Yellow is a show born from three singular personalities who share the same vision of the stage. Together they create a universe that allows them to expand their vocabulary and go beyond the limits of their specialties: juggling, dance, music and
acting. In this piece, everyday life and performance rub shoulders and concrete notions become abstract and then totally absurd. Mellow Yellow is an immersive show, which invites the audience to rediscover its immediate environment, from the small
forgotten square to the mountain tops. A journey together, out of time, in a non-existent place.


On stage Ricardo S.Mendes, Juri Bisegna e Ottavio Stazio
Artistic accompaniment Johan Lescop, Isabelle Leroy
Scenography Ricardo S.Mendes e Les Ateliers de La Folle Allure – Guillaume Balès
Production Sébastien Lhommea, Judith Hillebrant
Administration Emmanuel Cornuel