July 23, 2021 18:00

Centro Cultural Vila Flor - Praça Coberta | Guimarães

July 24, 2021 18:00

Praça dos Poetas | Barcelos

Rita Carmo Martins | Portugal

World Premiere

A rhizome is a stem that grows horizontally and underground, which can also have aerial growth. It grows without a defined direction and it is polymorphic. It can function as root, trunk or branch, regardless of its location in the plant and its living conditions.
When you think about a plant… what do you think? When you think about a plant… Does it have roots?
Does it have a stem? Does it have leaves? Can a plant grow almost without water? Almost without air? Almost without sun?

A vase, a woman, a musician. «Rizoma» is a work-in-progress about the philosophic theory of “Rhizome” from Deleuze and Guattari. A continuous research about sensibility, strength, adversity, and childhood. A
horizontal freedom breath in a hierarchical and vertical thought of daily life. A surrealistic adventure through the imagination. Visual poetry.

Concept and Performance: Rita Carmo Martins
Music composition played live: André Júlio Turquesa
Artistic Direction: Joana Carmo Martins
Scenography: Rita Carmo Martins, Rui Quintas de Azevedo
Creation Support: Projecto desenvolvido através da FOCON: «Formalisation de projet artistique/
cirque», École Supérieur des Arts du Cirque Toulouse Occitanie (ESAC–TO/LIDO-PRO), Le Lido e Grainerie (fabrique des arts du cirque et de l’itinérance) e do Master Performing Public Space da Fontys – School of Fine Arts and Performing Arts, Estúdio 80 pilates, fAUNA – Habitat de Criação, Teatro da Didascália.

aprox. 20 min. | M/3


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