July 20, 2023 22:00

Pátio do Paço dos Duques de Bragança | Guimarães

July 21, 2023 22:00

Polidesportivo da Quinta do Aparício | Barcelos

Amer Kabbani – Cia 104 |

national premiere

Among the ruins of a burning world, Runa emerges on the scene as a witness to a necessary process of personal and collective reconstruction. The artist of circus Amer Kabbani, of Catalan and Syrian origin, together with the director Rolando San Martín, explores the genre of self-fiction to dimension the bubble of glass that protects his context as a racialized European, from the harsh reality of wars. We see what is on the other side of our area of comfort, from screens to mass media, but images don’t go through our bodies the way bullets do. The circus discipline in this show, with the acrobatic technique of the base, involves sustaining life with the body and metaphor.

aprox. 45 min. | M/3


Ideia Original / Original idea: Amer Kabbani Fernandez 

Direção / Direction: Rolando Sanmartin
Dramaturgia / Dramaturgy: Amer Kabbani i Rolando Sanmartin 

Olhar Externo / External eye: Joan Català y Marta Salla

Desenho de luz e som / Light and sound design: Ivan Tomasevich
Distribuição e difusão / Distribution and diffusion: Alina ventura (La Maleta dels Espectacles) Comunicação / Comunication: Aida Kabbani
Figurinos / Costume: Amer Kabbani
Design Gráfico / Grafic design: Gerard Riu
Fotografia / Photography: Jordi Plana