TRUEL DESTINO! Um suor de esperança…

July 20, 2023 22:00

Praça D. Maria II - Topo Sul | VN Famalicão

July 21, 2023 22:00

Praça Municipal | Braga

July 22, 2023 22:00

Praceta Francisco Sá Carneiro | Barcelos

En Chantier(S) |Belgium

Truelle Destin! A sweat of hope… Is a performance that has as its starting point an improbable meeting, in the shadow of a scaffolding, between two solitary men, that even the language separates them. Victor is a burly, gruff man; Ciccio is a charming and communicative illegal immigrant. Inspired by the personal story of its creator, Olivier Luppens, the play is a beautiful story, full of tender humor, in which two clowns tame each other, addressing themes such as immigration, illness and friendship. It is also the crossroads of two worlds, where a moral contract between two men and a scaffolding, a shelter as concrete as it is ephemeral, is constructed in parallel.

aprox. 55 min. | M/3


Criado e interpretado por / Created and performed by: Luciano Amarelo – Olivier Luppens