​Largo da Porta Nova – Torre | Barcelos

Dulce Duca | Portugal / Espanha

27 JUL . ​11:00​ ​Largo da Porta Nova – Torre | Barcelos

aprox. 30 min. | M/3

UM BELO DIA (A BEAUTIFUL DAY) – comic and emotional show

… is a pepper, to which we put wings and becomes a butterfly.

A BEAUTIFUL DAY evokes a poetic universe, between reality and absurdity, both disturbing and strangely comic, echoing our own mysteries. This non-narrative show is based on the memories of the author, provoking disturbing reflections on the human emotions. It combines physical theater and juggling in an extremely original work.

Original Idea​ Dulce Duca; IrisDireção / Direction​ Iris

Performance​ Dulce Duca

Music ​ Raul Marquez; Jaime del Blanco

Production DULCE DUCA

Funded by​ INAEM

Supported by​ La Grainerie (FR), Maison des Jonglages (FR), TAC Valladolid (ES), L’Estruch (ES), Trapezi (ES), La Central del Circ (ES), T.P.Olot (ES), Teatro Cirvianum (ES).