Fronteira (Border), a show that brings to life the reality show of the moment. The public has to vote, take sides, review, identify and score. “Welcome to the challenge of Europe Sweet Home!”

Can you see both sides? Of course not! We never see both sides!

It’s true, real, a reality show where everything that happens on one side affects the other. You hear everything, but you don’t see who’s there. We show you how to make a boundary and, more importantly, how to keep the distance between two persons, two lands, two scenes. The real boundary is between who is inside and who is outside, between the two competitors, between what is here and what arrives. If there are only two sides, how can we accept the “third” one?

It is as they say, “Me, against my brother; my brothers and I against the cousins; my cousins and I against strangers.”

Stage Direction & Co-creation: Bruno Martins

Dramaturgical support: Jorge Louraço Figueira

Cast & Co-creation: António Júlio, Bruno Martins e Vera Santos

Set and Costume Design: Rute Moreda

Musical Direction and Composition: Rui Souza

Voz Off: Sara Barros Leitão

Light Design: Valter Alves

Sound Technician: Filipe Cardu

Production: Raquel Passos

General Coordination: Cláudia Berkeley

Press: Maria Elisa Santos

Design: Rui Verde

Photography: Paulo Pimenta

Video: Os Fredericos

Co-production: Teatro da Didascália, Casa das Artes de Vila Nova de Famalicão, Leme – festival de circo contemporâneo e criação artística em espaços não convencionais


Teatro da Didascália is funded by the Portuguese Government/Ministry of Culture –General Direction of Arts.



Running time: 60 min