MATER: Wood 木, Water 水,Earth 土, Meta 金l, Fire 火

MATER is the first musical creation by Teatro da Didascália. With musical direction and composition by Rui Souza, it is a concert divided into 6 parts: each one of these parts evokes one of the elements of Wu Xing’s “Theory of the Five Elements” – Wood 木, Water 水,Earth 土, Meta 金l, Fire 火, elements that give the name to each of MATER’s compositions. The sixth concert offers a symbiosis between these five elements. This sixth composition are called MATER.


MATER evokes intangible heritage – one of the research lines of Teatro da Didascália – and crosses borders: from Polyphonic Singing in Albania to Minho’s Polyphony; from the Tenors of Sardinia to Cante Alentejano, passing through Throat Singing of Mongolia.


“Mater”: word of Latin origin from which “matter” but also the word “mother” is derived.


Matter: everything that occupies space and has mass, the nature of the visible world. The sine qua non condition for the existence of the immaterial: neither one nor the other exists alone. The immaterial is reflected in the material, the material reflects the immaterial: sadness turns to tears, we wear colorful clothes because we are happy.

Composition and musical direction: Rui Souza


Artistic direction: Bruno Martins


Light design: Valter Alves


Invited musicians: Samuel Martins Coelho (Violin); Carina Albuquerque (Cello); Pedro Teixeira (Oboé, Corn Inglês and Duduk); Pedro Gonçalves Oliveira (Drums); Marco Ferreira (Electric Guitar); Miguel Moreira (Electric Guitar); João Mortágua (Saxophone); Carlos Correia (Voice); Teresa Melo Campos (Voice); Hugo Cardoso (Percussion); Gonçalo Alegre (Bass, double bass and electronics).


Production, communication and photography: Jonathan da Costa


Graphic Design: Rui Verde


The Teatro da Didascália is a structure financed by the General Direction of  Arts – Ministry of Culture and its main municipal partner – the Municipality of Vila Nova de Famalicão.


Age rating: M / 6


Running time per concert: 60 min. // final concert: 120 min.