One Man Alone

ONE MAN ALONE is a solo performance, literally alone. Without side acting, nor a light/sound operator, the actor is forced to carry on with his show and, at the same time, play and operate the light that illuminates him and the music that goes with the scene.

It all happens in a bakery, during those hours at night when the baker bakes the bread and everyone else dreams about it. The action unfolds through the game between the baker, surrounded by baguettes, rolls, corn bread, work instruments, and the dreams that make him travel through the universe of imagination and that send him to a world of his own, late at night, accompanying him while kneading the bread. Perhaps he dreams while awake out of an escape necessity. Perhaps that is the yeast making the bread rise up.

The entire show is based on the actor’s talented physical game, on his capacity of multiplying himself into various characters, on the multiple functions of his job, and on the capacity of surprising through a show where magic is an ally of simplicity.

This show is somehow a metaphor for the role and importance of the artist in society. We live in austere times where art is the first to be the object of swingeing cuts of an economic policy of disinvestment in culture. Artists are among those most affected by those policies and made to wander like street entertainers in return for “crumbs” that allow them to survive and provide a public service.


Vídeo promocional:

Original idea, interpretation, scenography, and light and sound operation: Bruno Martins
Direction: Sérgio Agostinho
Costumes: Joaquim Azevedo
Lighting and sound design:: Bruno Martins e Valter Alves
Graphic design: Rui Verde
Photography: Tiago Braga
Executive Production:: Cláudia Berkeley
Co-production: Teatro da Didascália e Casa das Artes de Famalicão
Running time: 60 min.
Age rating: M/6 anos

Duração aproximada: 60 min.

M/6 anos