Paisagem Efémera – natural e rural: Iº Ato // Palco Online do Gerador


até 15/10/2020 Palco Online do Gerador -

From November 13th to 15th, at the Online Stage of the Gerador ( the Teatro da Didascália presents the 360º version of the show Ephemeral Landscape – natural and rural | 1st Act.
A partnership established with the GERADOR *, now makes it possible to share this work that had been under development for several months.
On the 15th, at 2pm there will be a conversation where the artistic team at Ephemeral Landscape will talk about the creation process and answer questions posed by the public.

See you soon!


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A few months ago someone shouted: “state of war”. A cry that opened the door to the most inventive ways of castrating our freedoms in the name of public health. Patrol cars, drones, and even window snipers did their job. Freedom and public health have not lived together peacefully recently. Therefore, claiming public space has taken on a new meaning. Living among different people and being surprised by the unusual in our daily lives reveals a new form of resistance.


This desire to resist brought us to the street to present the first public act of Paisagem Efémera – natural e rural (Ephemeral Landscape – natural and rural). This first act will be dedicated to Joane’s natural and exterior landscape, but also to his interior landscape, to memories, to secrets kept within walls, to sacred and profane places. We invite the public to travel through the village and rediscover its landscape through the hand of the artists. A dramaturgy written for public space that transforms Joane into a large open air theater.


Over the past few months we have been working without contact with each other, artists with the public. In October, doesn’t matter if it rains or if it’s sunny, we want to meet you again.

Direção Artística: Bruno Martins Direção e Coordenação Geral: Cláudia Berkeley Criadores: António Júlio, Bruno Martins, Margarida Gonçalves, Rui Souza Coordenação zOOm: ver melhor: Vera Santos Direção Técnica: Valter Alves Produção: Raquel Passos Estágio Produção: Anaïs Proença Assistência Técnica e Operação de Som: Filipe Cardoso Assistência Técnica e Operação de Luz: José Nuno Lima Design Gráfico: Rui Verde Fotografia de Cena: Paulo Pimenta Registo de Vídeo: Os Fredericos Assessoria de Imprensa: Central de Informação Classificação etária: M/12


Artistic Direction: Bruno Martins

General Direction and Coordination: Cláudia Berkeley

Creators: António Júlio, Bruno Martins, Margarida Gonçalves, Rui Souza

zOOm coordination: Vera Santos

Technical Direction: Valter Alves

Production: Raquel Passos

Production Internship: Anaïs Proença

Communication: Sara Rosa Oliveira

Graphic Design: Rui Verde

Scene Photography: Paulo Pimenta

Video Registration: Os Fredericos

Press Office: Central de Informação 


Date: October 23-25

Time: 9:00 pm

Starting place: Cindinha Bulk Store (Next to Joane’s Church)

Av. Pedro Hispano 83-3, 4770-277 Joane | GPS: 41.438242, -8.415926

Running time: 120min

Age rating: M / 12


* We advise the audience to bring water, warm clothes and comfortable shoes.

Due to the limited capacity of 30 people per presentation, we recommend to book in advance.


reservations: / Telm. 924 305 850


Teatro da Didascália created a group of rides on Facebook to facilitate the movement of its spectators to Joane, where they can offer or seek transport in a safe and environmentally conscious way. To join the group of rides, follow the next link:

Teatro da Didascália is a structure supported by dgArtes – General Direction of Arts | Ministry of Culture.