A MULHER-SEM-CABEÇA – Angélica Proietti, Jon Azizov e Julia Medina | Artistas em Residência


September 5, 2023


September 11, 2023


The Headless Woman [provisional title] arises from the desire to investigate the power of astonishment, imagination, and the fantastic. We start from the words of Gonçalo M. Tavares to think about the world we inhabit. There’s a mother and her children and there’s a maze. We start from there. We are between the real and the unreal, the logical and the illogical, the raw reality and the enchanted reality, the beautiful and the terrible. To build this universe, we call on dance, drama and video. It may be about losing yourself, the cruelty of relationships, or the insistent separation of body and mind. But it’s also about the power of stories to delight us and reveal to ourselves something startlingly human.

Creation and performance: Angélica Proietti, Jon Azizov e Julia Medina

Artistic direction: Julia Medina

Movement direction: Angélica Proietti

Text: collective creation, from Gonçalo M. Tavares [chapter “A Mulher-Sem-Cabeça – onde está ela?”, in A Mulher-Sem-Cabeça e o Homem do Mau Olhado]

Video: Guillemette Dür e Hamar Aïdara

Production: L.A.P – Laboratório de Artes Performativas

Support: fAUNA – Habitat de Criação | Teatro da Didascália; Polo Cultural Gaivotas