CLAY | Open rehearsals of the new creation of Teatro da Didascália


20190418 18:00:00

Auditório da ATC

Ample space. Clay in the center.

The interpreters look closely at her.

What to do with clay?

Any touch will transform the clay into something else that will not regain its original shape.

The clay starts to spin.

The stage is suddenly a big potter’s wheel.

The body of the interpreters, his hands.

The clay spins more and more with speed. Now, any attempt at manipulation will inevitably be a dance between the body and matter.

The material will not have a finished sculptural form.

The circular rotation of the wheel will have no end.

Neither does the movement of interpreters.

Staging and Co-creation: Bruno Martins

Interpretation and Co-creation: André Araújo, Ariana Silva, Cláudia Berkeley

Scenography: Colectivo Monte

Light Design: Valter Alves

Musical Direction and Composition: Rui Souza

Production Director: Marta Lima

Production Assistant: Raquel Passos

Photography: Jonathan da Costa

Coproduction: Teatro da Didascália, Ovar Art Center


Approximate duration: 60 minutes