Baby Blues


20191207 21:30:00


Projecto Ruínas

The psychological thriller in the womb. In an audition for an artistic film that is suspected to be a porno, a candidate prepares for the start of a successful career. Accompanied by her mother, who carries a past full of inconsistencies, and an exaggerated dedication by her daughter, the candidate warms the engines to give the performance of a lifetime. The Ruínas Project presents its new creation: Baby Blues. In the artistic line that characterizes it, Ruínas returns to the dark humor of the family’s psychological universes, with death and silence guiding a show of strong sensations, between the absurd and the “tragicomic”.

Text and Staging Francisco Campos | Interpretation Maila Dimas, Susana Blazer and Francisco Campos | Light Design and Scenography Nuno Borda de Água | Graphic Design Miguel Rocha | Production Catarina Caetano, Project Ruínas | Funding Municipality of Montemor-o-Novo, MC – Direcção Geral das Artes | Largo Residências Support, Alkantara Association, Convent Workshops, School of Women – Theater Workshop


Approximate duration: 60 min

Age rating: M / 16