SHADES OF RESISTANCE – Eve Cousins & Ludovica Andrenacci | Artistas em Residência


December 6, 2023


December 13, 2023


‘Shades of Resistance’ is a performative research based project centered around 3 primary elements – beauty, space and identity – regarding persons identifying as women.
It aims to display these matters through movement, sound scores, projections and recorded public interviews, with the purpose to compile a reflection of our truth and present a piece of invisible society visible on stage.
The project is working closely with Livraria das Insurgentes, an independent library in Lisbon dedicated to feminist literature, which in December 2022, for our first research residency at Casa da Dança, offered to us ‘The Beauty Myth’ written by Naomi Wolf, to inspire and support our process.

Choreography and interpretation: Eve Cousins and Ludovica Andrenacci
Dramaturgy and research support: Alexandra Symeonides (Livraria das Insurgentes)
Assistant to choreography: Lara Serpi
Video and audio recordings: Eve Cousins and Ludovica Andrenacci
Production: Eve Cousins and Ludovica Andrenacci