Coração que é livre, fica – ESTE Estação Teatral


20190329 21:30:00

+ CEAR AND TALK | conversation and supper with the artists after the show

“At a time when, more and more, the exclusion of the other is perceived, while, in fact, a whole culture that imposes the same is sedimented, the opportunity arises at Estação Teatral (from the novel“ Chiquinho ”, Baltasar Lopes da Silva) an entire country, at the beginning of the 20th century, marked by hunger, poverty, drought. ” – THIS Theater Station

direction and dramaturgy NUNO PINO CUSTÓDIO in co-creation with CARLOS PEREIRA, DIANA TABORDA, HELOISA SIMÕES and TIAGO SARMENTO | management assistance TIAGO POIARES | scene design PATRÍCIA RAPOSO | musical direction PEDRO RUFINO | light design and technical operation PEDRO FINO | sound design ALBERTO DIOGO and JOÃO AMARAL | costume making ALFAIATARIA JUVENAL and MANUELA CARVALHO

Approximate duration: 60 min

Age rating: M / 12