20181201 21:30:00

“Three interpreters dance between memories and archival images.

The story of three characters who only understand each other when they dance …

Dance is a kind of biographical effort, in which three performers describe in space their troubled lives, their personal problems, their inability to relate to each other, and then they die on the scene.

On stage, we actually saw three “dances of death”. The characters, who could even be ghosts, struggle against the inevitability of their own death. A dance tragicomedy.”

Projecto Ruínas

Conception and Staging: Francisco Campos

Interpretation: João de Brito, Leonor Keil and Francisco Campos

Light Design: Nuno Patinho

Costumes: Maria Reis Rosa

Graphics: Miguel Rocha

Registration and Edition: Rodolfo Pimenta

Production: Catarina Caetano and Inês Pereira

Funding: Montemor-o-Novo, SEC – Directorate-General for the Arts

Partnership: LAMA – Algarve Arts and Media Laboratory

Support: Project M, Plansel, Teatro Ibérico, João Garcia Miguel Company

Associated structure: The Space of Time