HÁ BEIRA NA REVOLTA | ESTE – Estação Teatral da Beira Interior


20181027 21:30:00

“Há Beira na revolta!” is a show that gathers several stories in a Beira Interior located between the 19th century and the mid-20th century. Stories of strength, courage and resistance of a people whose insularity is not even demarcated by the visual border between the sea and nothingness. Away from the central powers but under the yoke of all sorts of cacicagem, in this “and the rest is landscape, but pay the toll”, right there amid mountains, pits, stones and more cliffs, what a soul that stands , that rises, that echoes, that you can see across the infinite sky like a cloud in the name of human dignity? ” – ESTE – Estação Teatral

Playwright and Director: Nuno Pino Custódio | Scene Designer: Theatrical Station | Actors: Tiago Poiares and Roberto Querido | Musicians: Alexandre Barata, Dário Cunha and Pedro Rufino | Designer and Light Operator: Pedro Fino | Editing Director: Pedro Fino | Photographer: Miguel Proença | Communication Design: Hugo Landeiro D. | Production Director: Alexandre Barata | Production Assistant: Francisca Vidal | Company subsidized by: General Directorate of Arts / Ministry of Culture, Fundão City Council | Support: A Moagem – City of Engenho and the Arts, Communities, Fundão auto-transports, Rádio Cova da Beira, Agricultural Credit