HEQET – Companhia Absurda – Artistas em Residência


January 3, 2024


January 16, 2024


In a chimeric space devoid of reality, the heqets, characters originating from the 10 plagues of Egypt and unleashed upon the world to destroy it, have evolved to the present day, creating a kind of “mafia” dedicated to opposing their original purpose and healing the planet Earth, which is on the brink of destruction. Their activities are carried out in secret through a strategy of infiltration into the human world with the aim of altering its future. Who is the real plague?

Artistic Direction/Performance: Ariana Sebastião, Carolina Vasconcelos, Lia Vilão, and Sofia Encarnação.

Soundscape: André Borges

Costumes: Lola Sousa

Masks: Paula Cabral; Cristóvão Neto

Light Design: Tiago Santos

Production: Sofia Encarnação

Circus Techniques: Juggling, Cyr Wheel & German Wheel

Supporters: Beltrão Coelho, Ágitlab, Teatro da Didascália, INAC; Erva Daninha