Idiòfona – Joan Català | Artista em residência


March 11, 2023 16:00


A man drags a bundle of thirty iron pipes, each one a different size from the other,
looking for somewhere to take them.

He arrives at his destination and unbundles the tubes in such a way
that they take on a life – his life –
in a tête-a-tête between the objects and the eyes that observe them.

As if by a twist of fate, “man and pipe”
come to represent something more
than their mere physical form.

They represent history, and memory.
They represent effort, stubbornness and poetry.
They are noise and toughness,
but also lightness.

We invite the public to the work-in-progress presentation, on March 11th at 4 pm.
Admission is free upon reservation through the following means:
Online Form
– Telephone (10am – 6pm): 252 311 317
– Email:


Director and staging: Joan Català

Performer: Joan Català

Dramaturgical advice: David Climent

Scenography: Joan Català

Sound design: Joan Cot

Costume design: Belén Eleonori, Joan Català

Thanks to: Iván Tomasevic, Matteo Frau, Rubén Martínez, Cláudio Stellato, Quim Bigas, Belén Eleonori