Mal a cheiraste – Luísa Guerra | Artistas em Residência


November 29, 2022


December 6, 2022


“Mal a cheiraste” is the title, the possible title, of an urgent idea to delve into the ambiguous matters of the relationship between mother and daughter (or mothers and daughters), from the intimate research of a pair, a mother and a grandmother, through the victimized eyes of a granddaughter. A project of autobiographical nature, without self-insertion.

This idea came up when confronted with the disconcerting warning “you are becoming just like your mother”. A mother who, almost always, keeps all the similarities that are worth pointing out, but essentially, all the forms of expression that we promise to set on fire and defeat when we grow up. What drives us to embody what we have always hated? What cycle begins when we seek to emancipate ourselves from this figure that determines us?



Artistic Direction Luísa Guerra

Interpretation Inês Cardoso and Vera Santos

Technical Director and Light Design João Pinto and Tiago Silva

Sound Design and Operation Guilherme Mota e Leandro Leitão

Image Registration and Treatment Guilherme Mota

Graphic Imaging Rita Baptista

Scenography and Costume Design Support Sissa Afonso

Scientific Advisory Maria José Rola

Executive Production Bruno Moreira