Mater or Denial of Being: Water on Fire on Metal


20190316 21:30:00

In 2018, MATER was inspired by the elements of Wu Xing’s theory: it essentially and roughly departed from this matter that constitutes the world as we know it. There were seven hours of concerts and ramblings about our relationship with this matter and immateriality.

In 2019, with MATER OR DENIAL OF BEING, we put aside the ramblings and try to find poetry: to be more nuclear and thorough. Are we denying our departure from nature? Is that unnatural? Or is it rather the natural? The compositions are by Rui Souza (Teatro da Didascália), Samuel Martins Coelho and César Estrela (from the “Estranhofone” project), who will present sound sculptures, designed for each moment, and musicians from the most different areas, who also feel a proximity to the territory where we are.