20181216 20:00:00

We finished the last edition of “Música da Época” involved by the castellano’s hot taste. We let ourselves be carried away, but we went to the nearest foreign coast: the Spanish one.

With castellano still on the tip of the tongue, we get lost in the diversity of linguistics and tastes of our neighbors. On this dive, we met chef Nuno Brás.

Studied at the Hotel and Tourism School of Porto. He was part of the team of some of the most renowned restaurants in the Porto area, such as Pedro Lemos, Terra, Clérigos and L’Kodak.

Since 2014, he has worked with Vasco Coelho Santos in private dinners under the Euskalduna seal, having also been part of the BaixóPito – Chicken House team, which was born in July 2015.

In early 2016, he made a long trip to Japan in order to learn Japanese culture and cuisine. Also that year, he interned at the Stockholm Grand Hotel restaurant, headed by Chef Mathias Dahlgren and awarded two Michelin stars.

Today, he is the right hand of Chef Vasco Coelho Santos at Euskalduna Studio and Semea by Euskalduna.

In the last “Música da Época” of the year, there will certainly be plenty of stories to tell.

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