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In the beginning of November, we celebrate the dead, the rebirth, we accept autumn in the windows of our houses and our souls, we light the fireplaces and cherish the memories: those that

they vibrate, sting, burn and make us jump off the sofa, the bed, the armchair.

In the November edition of Música da Época, we want to contribute to this leap, to sharpen the memories and appetites of warmer days.

So, moved by the celebrations of “Dia de los Muertos”, we went to Mexico (as close as we could get, go!) And in this edition we present a boss from Mexico, who resides in Porto, Soledad Calvillo.

Soledad arrived in Porto thanks to a story of love, encounters and reunions with João.

history, that love, that celebration was born Frida, a new restaurant with Mexican food and other dishes reinvented in Porto.

The wedding, however, was in Mexico, as was the first four years of marriage. The honeymoon in Latin America came later and lasted eighteen months: more than enough inspiration to build a house together. This house has deep, millennial roots, and found in Mexican gastronomy – Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO – the foundation on which it is based, designed and reinvented.

Everyone is invited to travel through all these flavors and all these adventures. Traditionally Mexican dishes, reinvented by chef Soledad Calvillo, will catapult us, in turn, for a trip we won’t want to forget.