20190914 21:30:00


A musician is on stage rehearsing. The telephone rings and on the other side, it is urgent to pick up daughter Olivia from school: there is a teachers strike. The journey begins to fetch the daughter. The sky takes on a red color from a constant sunset. And suddenly everything stopped. A journey begins that takes him back to the time when he hid in a huge olive grove.

Now, the songs are urgent again!

Creation, composition and interpretation: Carlos Marques Support for creation: Susana Cecílio Text: Jorge Palinhos Scene video: Rodolfo Pimenta Light design: Pedro Bilou Scenic device: Carlos Marques and Susana Cecílio Voice-off: Ana Marques Technical operation: Manuel Abrantes Carpentry: José Manecas Graphic Design: Susana Malhão Production: Alexandra Jesus and Daniel dos Reis Nunes


Approximate duration: 75 min

Age rating: M / 12

* CEAR AND TALK | conversation and supper with the artists after the show