Para ti, Sophia


20191130 16:00:00



While we feel “small” the world still fascinates us and the cycles of life are still daily, close to nature and inscribed in collective memory… the water (all of it: in the fountain, in the lake, in the river or in the sea) reminds us always, perhaps unconsciously, the mother’s womb, that magical place where we flew into the liquid state. The sun, the flowers, the animals, the day and the night are born and die reminding us that we are ephemeral.

While we feel “small” we reign, pretending, and everything has the magic of dreams, reminding us that reality is also what we imagine.

text – from “the forest” by Sophia de Mello Breyner Andresen Dramaturgy and staging: Pompeu José Staging assistance: Raquel Costa Interpretation: António Rebelo, Pedro Sousa and Sandra Santos Scenery and graphics: Zé Tavares Music: Paulo Nuno Martins Costumes: Adriana Ventura Light and Technique Design: Paulo Neto Sound Design: Luís Viegas Production: Marta Costa Photography: Carlos Teles Production Support: Rui Coimbra Secretariat: Rui Vale and Paula Pereira Carpentry: Carmosserra Metalwork: Araufer Coins: Tondeltorno Acknowledgment: Adília Ventura


Approximate duration: 60 min.

Age rating: M / 6