QUETZAL | Artist in residence



até 15 setembro

The sneakers were white. I walked. In a rhythm that i’m not sure what it was. And when I wanted to stop. Someone screamed: “Run.” The sneakers were no longer as white. I’m not sure what color they were. I had no time to stop. I ran. The legs? I didn’t feel them anymore. I didn’t know I could stop. Stop? I didn’t know what that was. They heard someone stop. They screamed: “You can’t stop. Run more. More.” I ran. Other than that, there is not a lot I remember. The sneakers were no longer white. They didn’t have soles. I think. I didn’t really notice. I had to run. I can only recall running. And to think that the sneakers. White. They were. And they had soles. They heard me think and they screamed: “You have to get there. Run.” I ran. I no longer have sneakers – I screamed. But I run.

Beatriz Brito, Jéssica Brandão e Matilde Magalhães