RIACHO VERTICAL – Cia Caos | Artistas em Residência


September 19, 2023


October 3, 2023


Riacho Vertical is a show that crosses dance with contemporary circus, which intends to work from archetypes. The classical elements of nature are the theme to be addressed, or rather, are the motivating principle. Beyond their meanings already present in the popular imaginary, it is their faces: subjective and poetic, that will aim to provoke other interpretations and interrelations between them.
Using the language of dance and contemporary circus as a propulsive tool, the performers move through games between scenography, sound effects and technical virtuosity. Thereby establishing a performative encounter, a sensorial journey of images and meanings.


Conceived and performed by: João Antunes, Nathália Furlan and Pedro Caetano.

Sound Design: Rafael Maia

Costumes: Mafalda Antunes

Light Design: Tiago Santos

Residency support: AgitLab; Centro Cultural da Malaposta; fAUNA – Habitat de Criação | Teatro da Didascália