Teatro da Didascália develops a series of internationalization actions, articulated with the various international partners with whom it has formed strong partnerships over the years. To highlight the international networks of which it is part:

CircusLink is an innovative collaborative project that aims to develop mobility and increase the diversity, circulation and sustainability of the contemporary circus in Europe.

Started by ArChaos, CircusLink consists of four festivals in the Czech Republic, Denmark, France and Portugal (Vaudeville Rendez-Vous), which, through the program of shows, meetings of professionals and the promotion of good practices, will develop a digital platform to aggregate and facilitate the articulation between artists and programmers.

The project is co-financed by the European Union’s Creative Europe program.


Main partner

ArChaos (BiAC), France



DYNAMO (DYNAMO Circus Festival), Denmark

Teatro da Didascália (Vaudeville Rendez-Vous), Portugal

Gasparo (Letni Letna), Czech Republic


Associated partner

Baltic Nordic Circus Network

Circostrada is an European Circus and Street Arts Network. Founded in 2003 with the main mission of promoting the development, training and recognition of these artistic languages at European and international level over the years, the network has become an important anchor point for its members and an essential interlocutor in the dialogue with cultural policy makers in the various countries of the European Union.

circusnext is an European circus brand/mark: the creators selected by a European jury stand out for their uniqueness and creativity. Their works of art question us, push us, enchant us, move us.

Circusnext is also the “Europe of the circus”: a platform of around thirty partners from 17 countries that come together around fundamental values – the identification of unique talents, support for emergencies and European creation and cooperation.

Circusnext thus proposes an european program to support the creation and diffusion of emerging authors from contemporary circus identified by their unique writing.