A CORES – Peripécia Teatro

20170326 16:00:00

Auditório CCJJ

The protagonist of this creation will be the ink. Or the colors. Actors too, but with painters’ suits. And the paper. And the plastic (the one that is used to not soil the floor). A show where the actors paint, and paint themselves, with a lot of paint and some paints.

Idea, Creation and Interpretation Ángel Fragua, Noelia Domínguez and Sérgio Agostinho


Co-creation, Direction and Dramaturgy José Carlos Garcia


Photography, Video and Direction Assistance Nádia Santos


Music and sound environment Fernando Mota


Lighting Paulo Neto


Editing, Light and Sound Operation Paulo Alves


Props and Graphic Design Zetavares


Executive Production Sara Casal


Funding Directorate-General for the Arts / Secretary of State for Culture


approximate duration: 45 min | age rating: M / 6