BambaVambaWamba – ESTE – Estação Teatral

20170324 21:30:00

Auditório CCJJ

Three actors and an empty stage. The evocation of the same king, permeating an Iberian cultural landscape through the revisited myth of Bamba (Vamba or Wamba). Foundational myth, revealing the human circumstance, yesterday as today.

Dramaturgy and staging Nuno Pino Custódio, co-created with Pedro da Silva, Roberto Querido and Tiago Poiares. Dramaturgical support Pedro Miguel Salvado. Space and Costumes Theater Station. Pedro Novo scenic device. Light design and Pedro Fino assembly. Production Alexandre Barata. Hugo Landeiro Domingues poster and communication design. Photography Miguel Proença


approximate duration: 70 min | age rating: M / 12