“Brisa ou Tufão” is a theater show about the strength and lightness of the air that surrounds us. About the importance of living with the invisible that blows. Tearing windows and celebrating the air!


Depending on geographic, emotional and human luck, this air can make us a breeze or typhoon.


A woman travels between lands, measures the air and aerates places. To prevent catastrophes, teach us to live with this soft and rebellious invisible of life.


What do we do when we have tachycardia, when we are downcast, when the hustle and bustle of everyday life takes our breath away?


“Brisa ou Tufão” is a show that tells us how to resist, celebrating life. A “technique of lightness and well-being” that brings homemade solutions inside your Kit to make everything simpler.


A show about the beauty of simple things.

Creation and interpretation Mafalda Saloio


Support for creation André Braga, Cláudia Figueiredo, Suzana Branco


Sound design, light design and operation pedro fonseca / colectivo, ac


Scenery Mafalda Saloio and Nuno Brandão


Production Mafalda Saloio, Ana Carvalhosa, Cláudia Santos


Project collaborators António Saloio, Elena Sanz Aizpurua, Fátima Saloio, Esmeralda Saloio, Rui Simões, Alberto Carvalhal, Pedro Santiago Cal


Support Inês Mariana Moitas, Manuel Barosa Lda., A. Marques Lda.


approximate duration: 50 min. | age rating: M / 12