Guarda Mundos

March 19, 2017 4:00 pm

Auditório CCJJ

What memories are present in the clothes we wear or in the objects we wear throughout our lives? What stories are kept in drawers? What does a wardrobe guard?


Guarda Mundos is a show built on a very particular object, the wardrobe. In childhood, this object is a symbol of refuge and a gateway to another dimension, capable of attracting children’s curiosity and catapulting them into the universe of imagination.


The play explores fantastic universes through play with clothing, sheets, plushies, hangers. The result is a dizzying journey with a landscape filled with grotesque characters, in an acrobatic spectacle, with a strong visual component and at the same time magical.


Guarda Mundos is a dive into the intimate space, a journey through the individual imagination with a landscape filled with fears, desires and dreams.