20170318 21:30:00

Auditório CCJJ

We lift the dust of the times, we lift a book high up there, we still lift our heads and bodies, and above all we try to rise as a community. A musician today tells and sings the stories in the book…

Creator, Text Collage, Musical Composition and Actor Carlos Marques


Support for creation Susana Cecílio


Nuno Edge of Water scenic device


Musical Composition João Bastos


Video Rodolfo Pimenta


Graphic Designer Susana Malhão


Production ALGURES, Creative Collective


Support Montemor-o-Novo City Council, José Saramago Foundation


Artistic Residency The Space of Time


Funding Directorate-General for the Arts / Secretary of State for Culture


approximate duration: 75 min | age rating: M / 12