MANIPULA#SOM – Radar 360º



MANIPULA # SOM is a visual concert with a circus character!


The artistic language of the project arises from the dialogue between object manipulation and interactive music. We add the sound dimension to the visual expression of juggling and, simultaneously, we approach sound as material to sculpt and manipulate. The manipulator’s gesture appears purified, ready to unleash sequences, mechanisms, rhythms and other sound and visual patterns. Objects transform and recreate around us. Our bodies relate to them and play… All of this is heard and composed.

Artistic Direction António Franco Oliveira


Interpretation António Franco Oliveira


Dramaturgy and exterior look Julieta Rodrigues


Scenography Nuno Guedes and Rui Azevedo


Light Design Pedro Teixeira


Sound Design and Sound Design Tiago Ângelo and Tiago Ralha


Costumes Julieta Rodrigues


Voices António Oliveira


Direction and Technical Operation Tiago Ralha and Rui Azevedo


Sound Operation Vasco Gomes


Light Operation Rui Azevedo


Costumes Julieta Rodrigues


Voice Off Joana Araújo


Technical Direction Rui Azevedo


Photography Teresa Couto and Luis Caície


Coproduction Centro Cultural de Belém, Rivoli Teatro Municipal and Radar 360º Associação Cultural


Support for the creation of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Teatro Municipal do Porto, Circolando


approximate duration: 50 min | age rating: M / 6