A man, Mr. Melo, decided to build a Museum with objects that people make exist. If it weren’t for the value people place on them, these objects didn’t exist, he says.


Thus, there is the life-saving hat, the toasted bread that fueled a clandestine love, the alliance of the revolution that ended the war and the doll that cannot be broken and the rubber that cannot be spent. And the bottle that is better not to talk about (it’s easier to read the story – the stories of the objects are written).


That’s the Museum of Existence.


Senhor Melo cites his own inspirations for the construction of this house: the “Museum of Innocence”, a book by Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk that tells the story of a man – Kemal, so he is called – who built a museum, also called Museum Innocence, which can be visited in Istanbul, Turkey; and “A Modest Manifesto for Museums”, by the same author. Orhan Pamuk, Nobel Prize for Literature 2006, advocates that the future of museums is within our homes.


That’s the Museum of Existence. A house. With people and objects. This is a home. The Museum of Existence.


The collection of the Museum of Existence to be presented at FAUNA, in Joane, will have objects from people from the local community.

Artistic direction Fernando Giestas and Rafaela Santos


Dramaturgy Fernando Giestas


Staging Rafaela Santos


Interpretation Ricardo Vaz Trindade


Plastic design, set design and costumes Ana Seia de Matos


Plastic design tour and photography Carolina Reis


Conception and design scenic device Henrique Ralheta


Light design Jorge Ribeiro


Sound support Ana Bento


Graphic design Luís Belo


Video recording and editing Tomás Pereira


Museum consulting Susana Medina


Executive production Paula Trepado and Susana Rocha


Wild Yellow Creation


Co-production Yellow Silvestre, Teatro Viriato, Centro Cultural Vila Flor


Co-financing Directorate-General for the Arts (occasional support 2015)


Partnership As Casas do Visconde


Support Nelas City Council, Lusofinsa, Borgstena, Patinter


Acknowledgments Chapelaria Confiança, Sapataria Custódio Domingos, Ourivesaria Lifon and Relojoaria Switzerland (Viseu), Ourivesaria Joyarte, A Velocipédica, Ernesto Augusto dos Santos and Residencial Rossio (Canas de Senhorim); to all those who contributed to this project, with stories and objects




approximate duration: 90 min. | age rating: M / 12


limited capacity: 30 pax per presentation