Hotel Europa

“Portugal is not a small country”, by André Amálio, “reflects on the Portuguese dictatorship and presence in Africa, in particular the life of the former Portuguese colonists through their real testimonies.


The text of this show was created through a verbatim process, which means copied word for word, which translated into the writing of a theater text that faithfully uses the words of the people interviewed about his life in Africa during the Portuguese Colonial Period.


The methodology followed combined the collection of testimonies from these people and a detailed historiographical research, creating a text that portrays the complexity of recent history in Portugal; in particular, the end of Portuguese colonialism.


“With this work, I want to investigate real stories that have become memories and that over time have been inherited; I am interested in situations where real people contribute to contesting and reconstructing cultural identities; I am interested in how theater can contribute to the rewriting of history, giving voice to a silenced group, thus working on the transmission of memory between generations ”.

Intérpretes André Amálio e Pedro Salvador 

Assistente de encenação e coreografia Tereza Havlicková 

Criação Musical Pedro Salvador 

Cenografia Pedro Silva

duração aproximada: 90 min | classificação etária: M/12